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"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."

.....Jack Welch

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At P Squared Consulting, we feel that the exchange of information is a critical element within an organization. We support that by periodically publishing items that we feel will help the effectiveness of your organization.

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P Squared Process Improvement Training

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The P Squared Team-based Process Improvement Training Program embodies the following philosophy:

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace.
Making the complicated simple is the key to success.”

Our training program is both powerful and engaging. It is based on strong methods but presented using common sense. It does not emphasize complicated statistics but references them as a tool for success when properly applied. Thus, it makes the training user friendly while eliminating the fear associated with learning and using new skills. This one of a kind training generates passion and participation at all levels. Employees want to be involved!

The training focuses on teams and ensures they understand the processes that they own. It provides fundamental, practical tools for them to improve those processes. It produces functional teams that own process improvement and results in the elimination of waste of time, material and capital – thus increasing the quality of products and services – and improving customer satisfaction.

The Team-Based Process Improvement Course consists of two aspects – training and development. The classroom training provides the transfer of knowledge – new skills. However, even more important is development - the application of the new skills. A non-threatening but real world case study provides participants the ability to practice their new skills of leading, facilitating and utilizing process improvement tools in a safe but challenging environment.

Training with development is the only way to produce permanent, positive behavior change. And, the only reason to do training is to achieve that end.

Would you like to see what this unique Process Improvement Training is really like?